What To Be Aware Of On Single Awareness Day

Single Awareness Day

From here on out, can we all stop referring to Valentine’s Day as Single Awareness Day? Seriously, stop wallowing around in self-pity and start being proud that you’re single. There’s literally nothing wrong with you.  

It could be that you’re not ready to date someone because you have other priorities to take care of first, or you just haven’t found the right person yet. Both reasons are totally fine, so please, don’t take it out on the happy couples this year. Instead, keep it positive and remind yourself of all of the benefits that come with being single and 100% aware.

You Don’t Need To Be In A Relationship To Be “Complete”

The people who enter your life may complement it in certain ways, but they will never complete it.

That feeling of being complete comes from within. Stop looking for happiness in a partner and start bettering your life for you, and you alone. Soon you’ll figure out what makes you feel truly complete without the presence of another person. 

Being In A Relationship Doesn’t Equal Happiness

If you are ever feeling sad about being single, remind yourself of this every single time.

Sure, the happy couples on the internet may seem like soulmates or the ultimate “power couples” (vomit), but honestly, you’re only seeing that one aspect of their relationship. Reminder: They are only showing you the great things about their relationship, not the arguments or pet peeves they deal with on a daily basis. 

Think about the last relationship you were in. Were you 100% over the moon happy when you were with that person? Probably not. Find your happiness elsewhere because not only will it be more rewarding, it also won’t be dependent on another person who can rip that so-called happiness away from you at any given moment. 

Being In A Rush To Find Someone Will Only Make Things Worse

Only fools rush in.

Falling in love is stupid. Point blank. Finding someone and developing a relationship with that person over time is the way to go. Instead of rushing the process, and hoping to find that special someone as soon as possible, enjoy it and laugh at all of the stupid things that happen along the way.

It will be a more enjoyable journey, and you’ll be able to better appreciate your next relationship if you take the time to slow down and experience the dating scene (as much as it may suck at times).

There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Being Single

All the single ladies, put your hands up!

Worrying about what other people are doing won’t make you a better person, and relying on someone else to make you happy won’t make you any happier. Having that single status is a chance to breathe a fresh breath of air and enjoy a life full of fewer responsibilities and fewer worries.

Savor this season of romance with chocolates and flowers and fall in love with the most important person around, you!

2 thoughts on “What To Be Aware Of On Single Awareness Day”

  1. Yes!! A million times yes! Absolutely love this 🙂 I’ve taken to calling it “Single Celebration Day” and buy my friends the typical V-Day goodies to take the opportunity to celebrate them and our friendship. Being single can be good for you, and it definitely isn’t something to be shamed about. Thank you for this post!

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