He Forgot Valentine’s Day

Saying “You Blew It” just wouldn’t be enough. I might be a pretty chill person, but I lost all my chill after receiving nothing for Valentine’s Day.

Is February 14th the date of a stupid holiday?


Do I normally care about getting gifts?


But this time was different.

Recap of Previous Valentine’s Days:

I have been single for almost all of the Valentine’s Days I have lived through. Only 3 times have I been in relationships during this stupid holiday. And lucky for me, all 3 Valentine’s Days have been utter disasters.


He broke up with me via voicemail on February 14th, after I spent the entire day with his sorry ass. As soon as I went home for the evening, he left a wonderful voicemail saying he didn’t feel a big enough connection and that the timing of the relationship didn’t seem right. Ironically enough, he picked the worst possible time to end a relationship. RIP.


This one had promise because the two of us had romantic dinner plans. Instead of enjoying a wonderful dinner, we fought the entire time. The argument from that evening was so bad, it made me reconsider my relationship with this person. We broke up shortly after.

In some respect I blame myself for putting so much importance on a stupid day. Part of me believes I should have told my significant other how terrible my previous Valentine’s Days have been, but then again maybe he shouldn’t have been such an idiot.

I’m not going to apologize for how I feel, no matter how materialistic I may sound.

#3 (Most Recent Experience)

I knew this relationship was going to blow up in my face. From the beginning, he showed all the signs of being a man-child. I mean come on, he cuddles his dog way harder than he ever tried to cuddle me. It also didn’t help that I put myself in another stupid long-distance relationship.

Prior to Valentine’s Day, I felt the need to give him a card. I knew he was going to be out of town in February and I wanted him to feel special when the day arrived. Sure, it was just a silly card but it was really the only thing I could give him while he was away.

I thought that if I had already given him a gift, he wouldn’t forget to surprise me with something…or at least find some way to show me he cared.

Thinking back, I’m pretty sure I had a better chance of winning the lottery. Relying on him to think of anyone other than himself is asking a lot.

Valentine’s Day was torture. The entire day was spent with loved ones calling and asking why I hadn’t received a bouquet of flowers or a nice assortment of chocolates. At first, I joked that he probably forgot. Until I realized the relationship was pretty much a joke…because he forgot Valentine’s Day.

He didn’t just forget to buy me anything, he forgot to call, text or give a damn about me.

As my friends were communicating with me via telephone, I barely heard anything from this man-child. I knew his work was probably getting in the way, but how long could it take to send a text? 5 maybe 10 seconds max?

In a relationship, I’m a pretty simple girl. Show me you care and I’ll jump through hoops to make sure you’re happy. Maybe that’s my problem, I care way too much.

What I really wanted for Valentine’s Day was his time.

Big deal. I didn’t get a gift. The fact that I was never told “I miss you” or “I wish I could spend today with you,” hurt ten times more.

It wasn’t until I urged we talk on the phone that he decided to care about me. Even when we talked, I complained about not feeling special or valued and there was really nothing he could say.

Sometimes “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it.

I need more than empty promises from a significant other. If I treat my man like a king, I expect to be treated like a queen. Crazy thought, but maybe I need someone who will take an entire 5 minutes to go online and purchase a stupid gift.

What’s the best part about not receiving a Valentine’s gift and crying my eyes out?

Realizing just how amazing my friends can be.

After telling my best friend what happened, she decided to be the man in our relationship and deliver Edible Arrangements to my job. It just goes to show that your friends will always have your back, even when they think the person you are dating is a complete pile of garbage.


I’m not sure why he couldn’t take the time to do something nice. Then again, I can’t expect him to spend 5 minutes buying gifts when he can’t last 5 minutes doing other things.

Jokes on him right?

I can now sympathize with the other girls from his past. They always wanted more out of the relationship and now so did I (in more ways than one).


Looks like I’ll be buying my own flowers and chocolates from now on. I think I actually prefer less heartache and a little bit more heartburn.

2 thoughts on “He Forgot Valentine’s Day”

  1. I love Lauren too!
    Happy belated Valentines Day from your other best friend!
    Always expect something for V day from the man in your life and don’t settle for less.

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