Is Your Relationship Failing?

Relationships are a funny thing. You sacrifice your time, your energy and (mostly) your money for stupid memories and a lot of disappointment. Sound familiar? No worries, I’m in the same boat.

If things with your significant other are going great, lucky you. If the ship is sinking, you’ll want to know whether you should grab a paddle or just jump off the damn boat.

Here are the signs you should probably give up now and find someone better.

His Text/Call Game Is Lacking

It’s normal in the beginning of a relationship for two people to talk like crazy. Eventually, you’ll find yourself talking less with your significant other and that’s completely normal. If you find that your partner is on mute…Houston you may have a problem.

He should still be responding to your texts and answering your calls. If you’re sending all of the “good morning” or “I miss you” texts, this can be a sign that the relationship is becoming a little one-sided.

You’re taking the time and energy to check up on him and make sure he’s okay, why can’t he do the same? Simple: He’s not making you a priority anymore.

The silence isn’t a coincidence. He’s either talking to his side chick, hanging out with “more important” people or sitting around with his hands in his pants because he’s an idiot.

He’s Too Tired to Get Physical

Repeat after me: You’re never too tired for anything you want to do!

If he wanted to fool around with you, he would make an effort to do so.

Sex is an important part of the relationship. If you’re thinking about being long-term with this person, they better be going above and beyond in the bedroom (and you should be too). Saying “I’m tired” or “I want to but I’m exhausted,” is basically him saying, “I like you but not enough to have sex with you right now or pretty much in the future.”

When the sex becomes lackluster, it’s a sign the relationship is as well.

Dates Always Include His Friends

Remember those intimate dates you used to have with him? Yeah, those are probably long gone by now. Instead of one-on-one dates, he’s trying to include you in with all of his friends as an effort to please everyone. This is a mistake on his part.

Not only is he cheating you out of quality time, he’s cheating you out of a relationship. Last time I checked, you aren’t dating his friends. Tell him you’re not okay with spending every waking moment with his posse. If he cares about you, he’ll change his act real quick.

He Forgets Important Dates

You would think this one is obvious right?

Don’t forget birthdays, Valentine’s Days, anniversaries or any other date that has an important event attached to it.

If he forgets, he’s probably too busy to care about you and the relationship. He could also be a forgetful person, but unfortunately that translates into him not caring about you. Dump him before he ruins your future.

He’s Not Excited About Your Personal Growth

Crazy thought…you are supposed to care about your partner.

A significant other should help you during the good and bad times. And he should be by your side when you need that emotional support.

If you find your conversations focus more around his personal growth or career, it could be a sign that he thinks his accomplishments mean more than yours.

It’s not that he doesn’t think what you’re accomplishing isn’t great, he just doesn’t think it’s worth talking about.

He Complains About Spending Money When You’re Out

Give me a break. Don’t complain about paying for Chipotle when it’s literally 8 bucks for a meal.

If every time you meet up and he complains about his finances or that it’s your turn to pay again, this means he’s a freaking loser. What man can’t pony up 30 bucks for a cheap night out? If he can’t find the money to take you out on a date every once in a while, he shouldn’t be graced by your presence.

Whatever his reason is for acting strange or not being the man he once was, ask him what’s going on. He’ll probably give you some BS answer that he’s just “stressed” or that he’s making major life changes. The second he pulls those excuses, that’s your sign to pull the plug and watch that loser sink.

4 thoughts on “Is Your Relationship Failing?”

  1. I love your perception on the whole dating scene! And the sad thing is I’ve been thinking about dating again! The question for me is should or shouldn’t I?

    1. Thanks so much HB! You totally should start dating again. What do you have to lose (besides time and energy)?

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