How To Not F*CK Up Valentine’s Day In Three Easy Steps

Don't Screw Up Valentine's

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day. The guaranteed one day of the year where society reminds single people that they most definitely are single and alone.

Sure, it may suck being single, but imagine being in a relationship where your significant other doesn’t make you feel special on Valentine’s Day. 

First off, dump that person (LOL but really).

Secondly, be sure to drop hints about how fast February 14th is approaching.

It’s super easy to buy flowers or some stupid chocolates, yet somehow people still manage to f*ck even that up. So to help you out and prevent you from having another argument with your partner, follow these three simple steps.

Step One: Communicate With Your Partner

What is your partner’s language of love? Do they enjoy receiving gifts or would they rather spend quality time with you on Valentine’s Day? This is the time for you to figure it out, and figure it out fast!

If you know how your partner gives and receives love, then you should have no problem knowing whether you should buy flowers or make a nice dinner. 

(Pro Tip: Do both!)

If they absolutely hate the idea of receiving chocolates or some other kind of heart-shaped item, be sure to find another way to make them feel special. 

You don’t have to have anything officially planned in this step of the process, but in your mind, have a couple of ideas on how to go above and beyond in even the simplest of ways.

Step Two: Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

So you’ve decided your partner’s language of love, good for you!

The first step is easy because it involves zero planning. Step two is a little bit more complicated because you actually have to do something.

And as you can imagine, this is the part where people start to screw up.

If you know in advance that you’d like to go out for a nice dinner, be sure to make those reservations at least two weeks before the big day. Do not, I repeat, do not wait until the day before to start making plans. If you do, you’ll quickly notice that every place in town is either fully booked or sold out for the evening and you’ll be out of luck. 

This year, make your plans early and dedicate some time to actually making the day special (since there’s a good chance you don’t make anything really special the other 364 days out of the year).  

Did you know that scheduling a flower or chocolate delivery in late January can sometimes be cheaper than if you were to wait literally 24 hours before? Be smart, be an adult, and don’t let Valentine’s Day creep up on you like it has in the past. 

Step Three: Spend Quality Time Together

This is a no-brainer, yet many people get so bogged down with their daily lives that they forget to make quality time a top priority.  

Get back to what made the two of you special and have fun being alone together. Don’t forget to turn off all of your electronics and just get back to the basics of your relationship (or get busy, whatever you decide). 

Although Valentine’s Day may seem like a Hallmark holiday, use it as a reminder to love all of the people you have in your life and be sure to love that special someone as well.

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