Why So Many Dates?

Dating Started Out As A Joke

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, but unfortunately, I’ve never experienced that kind of love that leaves me breathless in the morning or inspires me to live my life in ways I never thought were possible.

After my very first Tinder date ended in disaster, I told myself I was never going to date again. I also promised to give up on putting myself in awkward dating situations.

Oh boy, was I mistaken!

A date would be nice, a relationship would be better, but I don’t need either of them and what I have going on right now is amazing!

Once I realized that many other women my age were having the same issues, it became clear that I needed to share my bad date stories and throw a little shade at my exes.

I’m on a mission to find “my person” (if that’s even a real thing these days) and to find out if I really do need a man to complete me at the end of the day.